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Study Tour to Italy

Study Tour to Italy

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  • April 18, 2016 - April 28, 2016

Sponsored by the Adult Enrichment Ministry and hosted by Bill & Angie Heston, the tour will explore the formation of the Christian Church as it was shaped by the pre-Christian Roman Empire culture with visits to Pompeii and other ancient Roman sites. We will walk the Appian Way; have an exclusive night tour of the Vatican and conclude our trip visiting historic sites in Florence.


Estimated cost per person is $4,600 plus air (airline coach tickets available as low as $1,200).
 trip insurance, ground package and high-quality accommodations.
NOTE: based on a minimum of 25 travelers/limited spaces available for this trip.


Itinerary Items

 We will explore the pre-church culture in Italy with visits to Pompeii and other ancient Roman sites.

  We walk the Appian Way where Paul traveled on his way to Rome.

•  In Rome will see the Mamertine Prison where many believe Paul was in prison and the Forum where Paul would have walked and encountered the citizens of Rome. We will have specially arranged tour of the Insula di San Paola alla Regola which is the traditional site where Paul was under house arrest.

•  Visit the iconic Coliseum where many early Christians were martyred.

•  The early church was influenced by the Roman Church and we will have an exclusive night tour of the Vatican.

•  We will visit other historic sites key to the development of the church (many were symbolic of the concerns that stirred the Reformation). 

•  Sunday worship will be at the Tre Fontane Abbey where it is thought Paul may have been martyred.

•  The trip concludes in Florence and where we stand in awe of Michelangelo’s David and the world famous Uffizi Gallery - the heart of the Renaissance which parallels the Reformation. 

•  Many other cultural and historic sites will be listed in a full brochure.

•  There will be three unforgettable meals in three dramatic scenic locations where we will build memories of this journey that will awaken new understanding of our Christian heritage.

We will offer study lectures prior to the trip that will prepare all of us for the rich and complex history and culture we will experience.