Agape Development

Agape Development

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6401 Calhoun Rd., Houston, TX 77021


Name: Amanda Garner
Email: amandag@agapedevelopment.org
Phone: 713-658-1001
  • Agape Development has the mission of "transforming our neighborhood by preparing Christ-following, independent, community-minded adults."

Agape does this by building relationships with families through a wide variety of age-specific programs.

Backyard Bible Club Assistant: Commit to working with our K-5th graders one day a week for at least one semester. Help with homework, reading, games, special sessions (Clubs, Lemonade Day,  Talent Show) while learning more about our children.  Program runs Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30pm.

MealsFood has historically brought people together. It’s a time for people to share and tell their stories. Many of Agape Development’s programs serve meals as an opportunity for participants, staff, and volunteers to begin to build relationships that are critical to Agape Development’s vision of lasting relationships. Full meal opportunities can be found at meals.agapedevelopment.org.

  • Children's snacks: (Needed Mon-Thurs) - Individually packaged pretzels, goldfish, fruit, fruit snacks, applesauce, just please NO peanut butter crackers or granola bars please. Grab an extra bag or two next time you grocery shop!
  •  Monday:dinner for 8 - easy things like pizza or wings (Men's Bible Study)
    Second Monday of the month - Dinner for 30 (Women's Fellowship)
  • Tuesday: dinner for 8 adults (Seasoned Saints)
  • Wednesday:dinner for 15 adults and children (Allies) &
    snack for 20 teens (teen friendly snack: nachos/frito pie/taquitos/pizza rolls/etc.)(Taming the Hulk) Grab an extra bag or two next time you grocery shop!
  • Thursday:dinner for 25 (teens and staff) (Too Hype Teen Night)