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Cullen Middle School

Cullen Middle School

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6900 Scott Street, Houston TX 77021


Name: Principal Clayton Crook
Email: CCROOK@houstonisd.org
Phone: 713-746-8180

End of Year Cullen Middle School Teacher Appreciation
Wed | May 10 | 7:45-8:45am

As the school year comes to a close, it’s a great time to show our appreciation to the teachers and staff members of Cullen Middle School. If your interest in getting involved with Cullen was peaked at State of the City, come for Teacher Appreciation and a tour of Cullen. For more information, contact Mary-Floye Federer at mffederer@fpchouston.org or 713-620-6485.  

Cullen Middle School (HISD) is located just miles from the church in Third Ward.  FPC is working with Principal Crook and the faculty on projects around the school in hopes of encouraging those who work at and attend Cullen MS. To date we have participated in the following at Cullen Middle School: CrossOver Houston 2013, Fall Festival, Saturday clean-up projects, attendance projects and teacher appreciations.