Maranatha Community Church

Maranatha Community Church

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Name: Mary Floye Federer
Email: mffederer@fpchouston.org
Phone: 713-620-6485

Marantha Community Church is a spirit-filled non-denominational church located in Kempton Park, a suburb of Johannesburg where our dear friend and brother, Pastor Deryck Stone was the founder and senior pastor until his death.  His son, Leonard Stone has taken over the role as Senior Pastor, and continues the dynamic preaching, evangelism and missions that his father was passionate about. 

It was through Pastor Deryck and Maranatha that we were blessed to join in partnership with the ministries of Agape Family Ministries in Grabouw, South Africa, The Power of God Church, a church plant of Maranatha in Embo, in the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa and the Hillcrest AIDS Centre in Hillcrest, a community located next to Embo in the KwaZulu Natal.  Pastor Deryck also introduced FPC to our dear friend and brother, Pastor Francois Van Niekerk, senior pastor of Hatfield Church in Pretoria.  We feel God has brought together our churches and pastors for a unique purpose.

Maranatha Community Church has a heart for those in need and is looking to practically touch communities with God’s love, at the point of their need.  One of the methods they use is to seek like-minded people, in the communities, who are effectively reaching out. They partner with them in making a greater impact in that area. Where there is a strong leadership and an established ministry, they find that the  input is more effective.

Maranatha use Acts 1:8 as a motivation where it tells us to be witnesses of Jesus in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Hence they have projects running in their city, their province, South Africa and in key ministries around the world.  The partnership with the local police station and prisons is inspiring and amazing.


From the Maranatha Community Church website,

  • It is our desire to impact the community closer to home, and as such we are involved with our local police station. A prayer room has been established and all the churches in the area are encouraged to pray on-site for our police force and, specifically, for the crime situation. We believe that in so doing, we are partnering with other churches in our district to become more effective. We are also in the process of assisting, wherever possible, churches further a-field in replicating what has been done closer to home.
  • Prison ministry, and more specifically planting churches within the prison system, is another way we are reaching out. This involvement includes Sunday church services as well as discipleship courses. Again, we partner with a church, in this case near the prison, and run with them for a time until the prison church is established.
  • We also invest in existing ministries which are independent or Government assisted. We partner with and assist these and many have become the benchmark or standard of well run, effective ministries.

For more information about Maranatha Community Church, see www.maranatha.org.za