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Adult Enrichment

Adult Enrichment

Adult Enrichment provides opportunities for empty-nesters, retirees and mature adults to continue their Christian growth through learning, connecting and serving during new chapters of their lives. A series of faith-based travel tours, lectures, museum tours, trips to the theatre and other activities provide educational entertainment and fellowship opportunities.


Reformation 500th Anniversary Tour & Danube River Cruise

October 2-13, 2017 
The tour and cruise features a land tour to Wittenberg, Germany where in 1517, Martin Luther “nailed his 95 Theses” on the door of the Castle church, which eventually led to the birth of the Protestant Church.  The trip includes a 7-night cruise on the Danube River from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary with stops in Regensburg, Passau, Linz, Melk, and Vienna. 


Travel Study Tours 

Trips with First Presbyterian Church members offer wonderful opportunities to build lasting friendships, be enriched by meaningful locations and discover insights into biblical and church history. 

Culture, Fine Arts and Faith 

The strategic location of FPC in the heart of the Museum District offers wonderful opportunities for members to explore some of the finest offerings of creative arts and enter into a dialogue of the role of their faith. This new series is becoming very popular with a wide range of adults.