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Parents of Youth

The Family 

FPC's Parents of Youth & Young Adults Sunday School Class

Every Sunday, except holidays and summer  |  9:30am coffee time/9:45am class begins
The Youth House, 10 Oakdale

Are you a parent of a teenager or college student? This class is for you! Parents of students from grades 6-12 (and beyond!) gather for coffee, fellowship and time in the Scriptures. There will always be a Christ-centered biblical teaching. We know that it’s tough to navigate life as a parent when your kids are teenagers or young adults and the goal of this class is to listen to you, encourage you and inspire you in the journey of raising your children in a way that honors the Lord Jesus in every way.

This year an "umbrella" theme for our class meetings will be "First a Christian."  The primary task/challenge that our children face in adolescence is the "search for identity."  Our children will confront such questions as "Who am I?  What is my purpose in life? What will I be when I grow up?"  Youth are going to put their identity somewhere.  Our hope/prayer as parents is that they will first discover who they are in Christ.  Their roles as children, siblings, students, athletes, friends, etc are secondary to being a child of God.  While many of these secondary roles are fluid/changing/temporary, a relationship with the Lord lasts forever.  This relationship with the Creator is the very core of our children's being, the essence of who they are.  Created in His image, each of our children is not only a gift from the Lord but a reflection of our Triune God, created to glorify Him and live in close communion with Him... Thus, the idea of "First a Christian."

Our format for this year is to have 3 curriculum blocks with a variety of speakers.  During the Fall of 2015, we will discuss "Hot Topics" such as peer pressure, social media, the party scene, etc with the focus being on life outside of the home or youth culture.  Our second curriculum block will be focused more on life inside the home -- a time for parenting and family enrichment.  The final curriculum block will be a Bible Study focused on Christian Apologetics, specifically how we defend our faith in a culture that is veering farther away from the Christian faith.  The second two blocks will be presented in Spring of 2016 (not necessarily in that order).

To listen to Jeremiah Morris speak on Social Media, please copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://vimeo.com/142071051


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