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Current Elders 

Our elders are individuals who love Jesus Christ, have a strong faith, and who are committed to him as their Lord and Savior. Elders are charged with oversight of the spiritual life of our congregation- leading, governing, and if necessary, disciplining its members (covenant partners).


Class of 2019 

Class of 2020 

Class of 2021 

Cindy Cook, Clerk of Session 2019 Robert Moore, Clerk of Session 2020 Chris Wolfe, Clerk of Session 2021
Brent Dorsey, Elder Class of 2019  Gordon Marcum, Elder Class of 2020 Martha Lawler, Elder Class of 2021
John Going, Elder Class of 2019 Jenn Rustay, Elder Class of 2020 Tiffany Melchers, Elder Class of 2021
Chris Herbold, Treasurer, Elder Class of 2019  Paul Seifert, Elder Class of 2020 Paula Paine, Elder Class of 2021
George Mallory, Elder Class of 2019  Janice Smith, Elder Class of 2020 Callie Paterson, Elder Class of 2021
Edet Okon, Elder Class of 2019  Robert Shimp, Elder Class of 2020 Mark Potter, Elder Class of 2021
Claudia Stewart, Member at Large, Elder Class of 2021

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Brent Dorsey
John Going
Chris Herbold
George Mallory
Cindy Cook
Edet Okon