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Young Adults

Young Adults

The young adult community at First Presbyterian exists to carry and embody the good news about Jesus's resurrection to Houston and the world. We do this in three particular ways: (1) by gathering together to worship the Triune Lord each week with the whole church, (2) by growing together in God's community through Sunday School, small groups, and socials, and (3) by going as partners in God's mission to witness to all humans in word, action, and attitude.

Our group includes folks from a variety of ages and stages––singles, married, married with young kids, young professionals, graduate students––but we come together as a part of God's church at First Presbyterian with shared questions: What does it mean to follow Jesus in this stage of life? How do I give everything away for Christ in a stage when I'm just establishing myself in my career? How can we cultivate a community of trust and rest together in a world that is driven by the undying and relentless achieve-a-tron?

Join us as we plod on together in this stage of life, seeking to be faithful to God as we faithfully participate in the larger church body at First Pres.

If you'd like to know more about who we are and why we are who we are, please contact Jimmy Myers at jmyers@fpchouston.org

Upcoming Events

Monthly MicrobreW

Come drink a good brew with us! Its true: 8th Wonder is not technically a "microbrew," but, nonetheless, they make good beer. Join us at 8th Wonder Brewery March 23rd at 8pm. Invite your friends to share a beer with us!


Resurrection Sunday Picnic

If you're in town, come on out for a Resurrection Day picnic on April 1st, in Hermann Park, at 1pm. Resurrection Sunday is the time that we celebrate Christ's being raised from the day. Death is no longer Lord. Christ is. It is not a day for sadness but for joy! While we eat, laugh, share food, throw frisbee and football, and kick around a soccer ball, we will confess to each other: "It is the day of Resurrection, let us be glorious, let us embrace one another and speak to those who hate us; let us forgive all things and so let us cry, Christ has arisen from the dead!"  Invite your friends to join us for this celebration of our life that is hid in Christ on high!


March Madness Watch Party

Its that time––the time of Madness, the time of testing when the true excellence of each college basketball team is examined and shown, the time, that is, when the Duke Blue Devils win it all! (I hope). Come watch the Final game with us on April 2nd, at the inimitable Smith house which has, among other things, a basketball court, a swimming pool, two tv's, and a pool table. I'll bring food (free food!!!). You bring the beer and spirits. And your friends. Bring your friends (just RSVP for them if you do!).


The Micah Project: Young Adult "Missio"  

We are a sent church, a church doing God's mission. God's "missio" (latin for "sent") is the heartbeat of our life. To live into that identity, a young adult crew from FPC is going to the Micah Project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, from April 20–23 in order to partner with the good work that God is doing at Micah. Contact Jimmy at jmyers@fpchouston.org for more info!

Young Adult Spring Retreat

Are you in need of rejuvenating weekend away from the achieve-a-tron? Experiencing fatigue at the speed of life that whirls around you every instant? Tired of the fast life, the efficient life, the tireless economic impulse? It is time for a retreat: May 18–20. During that time, we will slow way down and and learn the practice of patient presence with God, each other, and all creation. More info coming soon.

Small Groups

If you are interested in joining a small group, please click on the "More Information" link below to see what small groups are available. If you would like to talk to someone about small groups, please email Jimmy at jmyers@fpchouston.org.
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Sunday School

The Table Sunday School is Re-forming. Come join us as we welcome each other at Table to feast on God's Word, in order to be schooled by the Spirit to live the language of Scripture before a watching world. All this while drinking excellent coffee. We meet in FH 156 (across from the Fellowship Hall) at 9.40am. Daniel Stidham will lead us in living the language of Scripture by training us in the Alpha way of Christian witness to the resurrection of the Messiah. What's the Alpha way, you ask? Come and see!

Young Adult Lunches

Join us for periodic lunches after the 11.05 service. Contact Jimmy Myers at jmyers@fpchouston.org to find out when these are happening...