Senior Pastor Search

FPC Houston is seeking its next Senior Pastor...

Someone who is stirred by God’s vision for our church and will embrace the core values formed by our rich history. Someone willing to lead, live, and invest in the church God has called FPC Houston both now and in the future.

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View our Opportunity Profile for a complete overview of the role of Senior Pastor at FPC Houston.

The Dingman Company

FPC has selected The Dingman Company to manage the recruiting process in partnership with our Pastor Nominating Committee. Anyone wishing to inquire, apply, or recommend a candidate for this position can do so in complete confidence by visiting The Dingman Company and clicking on “Our Searches” or reaching out to our key contacts: 



Why We Love Houston

Houston is the fourth largest city in the country. Home to a thriving economy, a diverse suite of global industries, a world-renowned medical center, and rich in both culture and food, Houston attracts people of all backgrounds and cultures.  And FPC sits in the center, flanked by Houston’s downtown business center, the museum district, Rice University, and two distinct neighborhoods offering endless opportunities to share the Gospel.

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