Due to the temporary restrictions implemented by our national and local government leaders, all in-person gatherings have been postponed or cancelled to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, some Sunday School classes are still meeting via Zoom and other methods because, though we are practicing physical distance, the church is called to move toward one another in loving, encouraging relationship. We hope you will be able to easily join a class of your preferred style or lfie-stage to find relational stability and rich Scripture study during this changing season!

The list below includes all classes that meet regularly, with Zoom links if available. Classes usually meet at 9:40 on Sunday mornings, but please reach out to Catie Smith, Director of Discipleship, at csmith@fpchouston.org to connect with a leader about his or her specific class or with any questions about this unique season.

In addition to small groups and Sunday School classes, we are providing many other resources to support you and your household during this time. Please visit our Discipleship Page below to access devotional material, prayer tools, and more encouragement during this new rhythm of life.



The Church, Then and Now

9:00am  | Married & Single | all ages | S 103

This lecture/video/discussion-style class focuses on church history, theology, and the practice of our faith.

Past studies have included Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship, Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, and N. T. Wright’s The Day the Revolution Began.

Our smaller class size and open discussion promote strong friendships among the members. 

Potter's Clay

9:40am | Married & Single | all ages | CE 215

This class uses video-based studies to kick-off discussions on a variety of issues. Past series have included The Truth Project, an in-depth review of the Christian worldview, Echoes of the Reformation, an exploration of the truths (five solas) that came out of the Reformation, and Unshakeable, a Rick Warren narrated study on the Book of Daniel.


9:40am | Married & Single | all ages | Adult Library   

This fellowship seeks a deeper understanding of biblical and denominational principles and their application while promoting strong bonds of friendship and candid discussion. 

Special Topics

9:40am | Married & Single | all ages | FH 253 

Listen to lectures and join in discussions led by speakers from our church community on a broad range of subjects including theology, ethics, church history, and education.

This group desires to challenge those in pursuit of Christian intellectual stimulation. 


9:40am | Married & Single | all ages | FH 251

Contribute to lively group discussions designed to deepen faith and nurture a personal relationship with God through Bible study and prayer.

Class members share in fellowship and community outreach activities. 

Hot Topics

10:45am | Married & Single | all ages | FH 251

This in-depth Bible study, in the context of Presbyterian and Reformed Christian thought, encourages class discussions exploring key issues of our faith and its significance. 

For more information about Sunday School classes, please email Catie Smith at csmith@fpchouston.org.