Church Planting at FPC

In Acts 13, the church at Antioch fasted, prayed, and sent out Paul and Barnabas to plant the gospel throughout the Mediterranean. Through their faith, combined with the Holy Spirit’s power, a series of events were triggered that turned their world upside down.

Today, because the same Holy Spirit who empowered that church lives in our midst and beckoned us on a journey of transformation, First Presbyterian Church of Houston wants to participate in and shape a movement in our city and denomination planting the good news of Jesus Christ and multiplying new congregations that seek to reconcile people to God and one another.

In short, we want to be a church that plants churches.

For the biblical and practical basis for becoming a church planting church, please read
Why Plant Churches by Dr. Timothy Keller.

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Our History

FPC Houston has a rich history of planting churches locally and around the world. From its inception in 1839 until the 1970s, nearly every Presbyterian church planted in Houston and the surrounding area was directly or indirectly planted out of FPC. In recent years, FPC has also been directly or indirectly involved in the planting of multiple churches:

  1.      In 2013 Pastor Jim Birchfield and FPC helped create the foundation for the Houston Church Planting Network Residency through which 12 churches were planted and will be planting eight more in 2018.

  2.      In 2016, FPC sent Jeremiah Morris to plant Seven Mile Road Houston which has grown to about 500 attendees on Sundays and are ready to launch two more churches.

Our Vision

“To create an environment in which a potential church planter(s) can be equipped, empowered, and supported as he/she seeks to plant a church that plants churches in the Houston area.”

Our Values

  1.      We desire to see gospel-centered churches planted where God’s grace saturates, motivates,empowers every believer so that our world would be transformed and restored to the way God intended.

  1.      We desire to see church plants that are marked by both spiritual and emotional health.

  2.      We desire to see contextualized church plants that are flexible, creative, and open to diverse methods, models, and strategies so that they fit the context and culture of their location.

  1.      We desire to see church plants grow as a result of missional living and outreach instead of simply by transfer growth.

Our Strategy

Church Planting Residencies

Since the adoption of Vision 2020, FPC has been working with other churches and organizations to build a systematic yet dynamic approach to becoming a church that plants churches. A “Church Planting Residency” provides a nurturing environment for leaders of future church plants by combining training, mentorship, connections for recruitment, prayer, and financial support in one location.

While it is our belief that the entire body of Christ is called to plant churches, we believe visionary leadership is vital to the creation and equipping of the members of this new church plant team. These new church pioneers begin as residents on our staff for a period of 18 months with hope that their passion for church planting can galvanize our congregation to grow, give to, and go with other disciples to plant the gospel and build the Lord’s church throughout our city.

How Can I Get Involved?


Planting churches is a God “thing.” It is by His Sovereign grace and power that healthy, vibrant, biblical churches can be planted. Thus, we need to depend on God through prayer to make this happen.


We need the financial support of not only FPC Houston, but also individuals willing to support the work of the church planters. We invite you to support our plants and planters by giving directly to our plants or by designating your donation to “Church Planting" via the Giving to FPC page.  Please make sure to write in the “memo” that this is for “Church Planting.”


Consider prayerfully becoming a part of the core team of an upcoming plant. If you are interested, please contact the plant and planters directly.

Our Next Plant: Kingdom Story

Kingdom Story Fellowship is a new gospel centered, multi-ethnic,  inter-generational faith community in the Oak Forest area of Houston. 

Scheduled Launch:  Feb. 2019

How you can be involved? 

For more information, please email rebecca@akingdomstory.com.

All residencies are currently full. Applications will reopen in the future. If you would like to learn more about this vision, please contact churchplanting@fpchouston.org.