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Sundays | June 9 - July 28
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What do you love? 

"What do you love? That is not just one question among many that you have to answer, but the question for life. It's the question God asked his people Israel long ago, it's the question God asked the world in Jesus Christ, and it is the question God asks us today. What do you love? Who or what ultimately has your heart? Another way to ask the question is to say: what do you worship? Everyone worships something or someone, the question is not whether, but who, what?

As a college student, I was bombarded with so many different things to worship, and that has only increased for students today. We need to think carefully about our lives, the habits that make us tick, the practices that, whether we realize it or not, are forming us to become particular kind of people who worship particular kinds of things. Take, for example, an iPhone. An iPhone shapes its users to love virtual communication, to prioritize the self-experience and self-actualization. It subtly can push us toward seeing ourselves as the center of the universe, to fill our camera roll with "selfies," to dupe us into believing that the real world is right here in my hand, shooting a blue light haze onto my face. And even though it promises to bring us together, it can actually take our attention away from one another and God and keep us from incarnate, real relationship. Have we ever asked the question, "What story is this seemingly simple object trying to get me to live in, how is it forming my affections and loves, what does it want me to worship?"

God wants us to worship him. And God wants us to love each other. That's the summary of the story of God. This summer college fellowship at FPC is about learning to live into that way of loving God and loving neighbor. It involves going slowly through Jamie Smith's book You Are What You Love for 8 weeks, participating in small groups, serving in the community, and enjoying fellowship with friends. In essence, it means practicing the love that we'll be considering all along the way, practicing the life of the new creation, which is a life marked by love. Are you ready to live into love?"

FPC College Fellowship is an eight-week summer initiative designed to holistically form college students to:

How? Through 6 integral practices:


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