Elder Recommendations

Class of 2025 Elder Recommendations

Deadline Sunday, June 27

The Officer Nominating Committee seeks recommendations of Covenant Partners to serve as Elders who love Jesus Christ, who have a strong faith, and who are committed to Him as their Lord and Savior. We seek six people for the Class of 2025 and a Shepherding Elder for the Class of 2023 (who has not served as an Elder during the past three years). Elders are charged with oversight of the spiritual life of our congregation. For a full description of responsibilities please refer to the Candidate Resource packet below. 

candidate resource packet

Prayerfully consider recommending a servant leader.

Please fill out the Online Recommendation Form below. If you choose to print and fill out the Recommendation Form, please return no later than Sunday, June 27 to the drop-off box at the Welcome Center or mail the Recommendation Form by June 20 to:

First Presbyterian Church
Attention: Lisa Belus 
Officer Nominating Committee 
5300 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77004

If you need more information, please contact Sara Robertson at sara.k.robertson@gmail.com.


As a Covenant Partner (member) of First Presbyterian Church of Houston and following prayerful consideration, I recommend the following Covenant Partner (member) to serve on Session. I believe this candidate possesses the spiritual maturity and leadership to serve as an Elder. My specific reasons for proposing this member for the office of Elder are detailed in the form below. These reasons include a demonstrated commitment to Christ, service to this church, talents, gifts and experiences (teaching, committee work, volunteer activities, etc.), or knowledge and experience that equip the person to serve as an Elder.