Agape Family Ministries

Agape Family Ministries

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Grabouw, South Africa


Name: Mary Floye Federer
Email: mffederer@fpchouston.org
Phone: 713.620.6485

Agape Family Ministries is one of FPC’s anchor partners in the AIDS in Africa focus as well as being a partner in the Children at Risk focus area. In Grabouw, which is located 40 kilometers from Cape Town, Gerrit and Ami established Agape Family Ministries in the midst of a black and colored township prior to the end of Aparteid. Gerrit and Ami are white Afrikaners, but they were welcomed into the township once people saw the love and compassion they had for the people. 

Agape has four locations or campuses in the township of Grabouw. There are four township schools, two small group homes for orphans and HIV/AIDS children, Asiphe House which is a small group home for disabled children, a school for the disabled and  the original Agape Church. We have met many of the people from the township who shared their stories of miracles and reconciliation in their community since the Coetzee’s arrived.  

Agape is a spirit-led,  powerful ministry that is truly making a Kingdom impact. Experiencing the palatable presence of the Holy Spirit through the lives of Ami and Gerrit and the ministry being done in the townships, drew FPC to partnership with Agape. FPC has sent teams to serve with Agape since 2007, and member, Amy Nelson served as a missionary there for almost two years.