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Name: Peter Swann
Email: peter.swann@everyvillage.org
Phone: 713-414-5490

Every Village exists to glorify God through the transformation of every village in South Sudan by the spread of the gospel and community development. They do this through a four-step process: trips, water, missionaries, and radio. Every Village is working tirelessly to see holistic transformation throughout South Sudan—envisioning every village with access to clean water, every village being impacted by radio, and every village with missionaries making disciples & planting churches.

FPC has been partnering with Every Village since 2001, back when the name of the ministry was Aid Sudan.  FPC's initial involvement with Aid Sudan  was when FPC served as a host church for several of the "Lost Boys of Sudan", the Sudanese young men who were coming to the US as refugees after suffering horrifically during their civil war.  FPC formally sponsored three young men, but we have welcomed many more of their friends.  Through working with the "Lost Boys", we got to know the ministry and leadership.  FPC has continued to support Aid Sudan, now Every Village, as they equip and empower the people of South Sudan to be Kingdom leaders. 

Every Village is one of our Global partners who offers mission trips that we encourage you to consider if you have a heart for Africa and South Sudan.  Every Village does an excellent job of preparing and training their teams, and individuals or a group of friends can apply to serve on one of their Every Village trips.