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Advent Devotion: Peace

Story told by Marley Roberts on December 10, 2018

Being a senior in high school is one of the least peaceful things I have ever experienced – college
applications and college acceptances and making major college decisions about the next 4 years of my
life. In addition to college decisions, there is also regular homework and studying, and also sports and
other extracurriculars. Senior year is the busiest school year yet – so much stress and not enough peace.

When the Advent season begins, so does a break from all of the things that keep me busy and stressed.
It means a much-needed break from school and a break from everything that is happening in my life.
During the Advent season, we begin to sing all the Christmas hymns during worship. In my opinion,
Christmas hymns are the best of all the hymns, and singing is my favorite way to praise God. During
Advent, I am always happy to sing the many beautiful hymns. My favorite hymn of all is “Silent Night.” I
love “Silent Night” the most because it is so peaceful. Hearing it and singing it calms my soul, both
because of the music itself and the words. When I hear “Silent Night,” I am taken to a special place in my
heart, a place of peace and calm. I like the song because it means that God cared enough about me
before I was even born to save my soul, which brings me peace. It also reminds me to not stress,
because God has a plan for all of the things I’m stressing about. I can have peace in knowing that He has
a plan for me.

The peaceful nature of “Silent Night” is especially useful to me during my senior year, during the hectic
college process. The pressure is on me and every other senior to get the applications in on time and
then choose the right college. It seems like my last year at home is moving faster than any other high
school year. I feel like I never stop moving. For me though, when I listen to and sing “Silent Night,” time
stops a little, bringing a small bit of peace to my hectic life. When I hear “Silent Night,” it feels as if I am
hearing peace in the words and the tune. When I sing the words, the feeling of peace fills not only my
heart but my soul – the feeling of peace and calm that I so desperately need during this time of
transition and uncertainty.

As we light the candle of peace this week, take a minute to think about how peaceful everyone would
have been around baby Jesus, the son of God, a tiny little, sweet sleeping baby – a baby that was sent by
God to save us all. May the knowledge of the magnitude of this gift bring peace to each one of you this
Advent season. I know that it brings me peace in knowing that God is helping to guide my path.