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Meet the Elder: Cindy Cook

Story told by Cindy Cook, Clerk of Session 2019 on November 17, 2016

Name: Cindy Cook, Clerk of Session 2019

Occupation: Interior Designer. I love having the opportunity to work in a creative field. Making harmonious, warm spaces for people brings me joy.

Family info: Married to Mark for 26 years. My daughter Adair is in her fourth year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland studying Modern History and Art History (we hope she comes home someday!). Son Jackson is a freshman at Sewanee playing baseball.

Where are you from? My father is retired from Shell Oil, so we moved a lot when I was young. Ended up in New Orleans when I was 10, so that’s where I would say I’m from. What’s the best thing about your hometown? Of course the food, architecture and history, but also the people. Everyone has a big family and makes sure they are celebrating something at all times.

How did you find your way to FPC? I was baptized and grew up in the Presbyterian Church, so naturally once I moved to Houston as an adult, we visited FPC.

Why did you keep coming back? The people! They invested in my spiritual growth and were and are a great encouragement. The worship, biblically based preaching and teaching, along with the amazing pastors and staff we have here have blessed my family and me for 25 years.

What is playing on your iPod/computer right now? Hillsong United re-recorded 15 of their songs on a new album Of Dirt and Grace recently in the Holy Land from where I have just returned. The videos are beautiful! Also listening constantly to Crowder, David Dunn and 21 Pilots.

What is your favorite Houston restaurant? Toss up between Torchy’s and Pax Americana. Oh, and Café Rabelais.

What do you love about our city? The people – they so easily open their hearts and lives to others. The food (again!), the vibrant arts scene and the ethnically rich culture here all make Houston a unique place to live.

What countries have you traveled to? Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands (lived there at 5 yrs. old), Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, and Jordan.

What do you do for fun and relaxation? Travel, read, spending time with great friends and family.

If you could have brunch with 3 people from history, who would you choose?  Hard to narrow down! But I would say Van Gogh, Jane Austen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Who has been a mentor for you in the Christian faith? So many at FPC, but namely Shelley Homeyer. Also, writers C.S.Lewis, Ann Voskamp, Andrew Murray and Bonhoeffer.

What is your greatest hope for the church? My greatest hope is that we at FPC would not only learn about what scripture teaches us to follow Christ, but to actually do it in our everyday lives, whether with our families, work, neighbors, those marginalized, or those around the world. That we would have eyes and ears to see the brokenness in our circles of influence and be bold to be Christ’s light there. Vision 2020 is an exciting outline for us to really dig into this. And do all of this with constant prayer! We need to fully tap into the power of prayer that we are called to in scripture to see God’s plan for this body.

Discuss a bit of your faith journey. Even though I grew up going to church and a belief in Christ, I didn’t have a deep relationship with the Holy Trinity. Coming to FPC challenged how I viewed God, myself, and others through His eyes. There was so much amazing truth that I wasn’t aware of. The Holy Spirit really worked on my heart through healing and deep, deep love through many Bible studies, prayer and worship. We have tried to incorporate that raising our children so that they know God’s promises and to always seek His path. I love getting to see the Lord work in my life and the life of our church. He has always outdone anything I can imagine!

What are some of the mission/service programs that excite you? Having just returned from the Holy Land, I have a much greater understanding of the faithfulness of the Living Stones, the Christians in Israel and West Bank. Caught between the pressure of Muslim and Jewish extremism, the Christians suffer and face persecution. The witness and ministry of our partners like the Bethlehem Bible College, the Palestinian and Arab Israeli Bible Societies and Musalaha give hope. Forgiveness and love are key for peace and with less than 1.5% of Christians remaining in the Holy Land, it is vital that we support our brothers and sisters in Christ there through prayer and support. My walk has been so impacted by the faithfulness and grace of the partners we engaged with, and I will not take my freedoms and faith for granted.  

What service do you attend? 11:05 Sunday School class? Previously Parents of Youth, but we’ve aged out! We now attend a new class, Intersections, which is multigenerational, studying the Bible to find out how we walk out Vision 2020. Come join us!!