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Sunday School

Sunday School Classes at FPC

Why Attend Sunday School?

Here at FPC, we see the vital role of knowing about Jesus plays in truly knowing Jesus. Sunday mornings are a time where our church members come together to worship Jesus, fellowship with their church family, and become better equipped in knowing Jesus  This intentional equipping occurs through Sunday Schools. We have various classes offered that will prepare our people to better love God, know self and serve their context. For more information, please read below or contact Abigail MacDougall, Discipleship Coordinator, at amacdougall@fpchouston.org.

Core Sunday School Classes:

Basic Training In The Bible (Inter-Generational Class)

9:40 AM | Singles & Married | All Ages | Fellowship Hall 

Have you ever wondered how to study the Bible? It can often feel like you are trying to understand a story from a completely different culture in a completely different language in a completely different era. That’s because you are!

Led by Pastor Andrew Stepp, we will dive deeper into God’s Word and learn how to read and interpret it faithfully. We will look at how to study books as a whole, analyze characters and themes, and even dig into some of the more bizarre and provocative stories.

The Basic Training in the Bible resource page is a great place to find collateral from the class. If you can’t gather with us at the designated time, we have created this web page to make the materials available, including audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts.

Intersections (Inter-Generational Class)

9:40 AM | Singles & Married |  All Ages  |  Mini-Gym  

Intersections is a multi-generational Sunday School class with the goal of supporting FPC's Vision of being Here to Serve.

Through class discussion and interaction, the Intersections class focuses on the study of the Bible and the mission of FPC to spread the Gospel throughout the city of  Houston and around the world.  

The Table (Young Adults)

9:40 AM | ages 20s–30s | FH 156 

Join other college students, singles, married couples, and married couples with kids at FPC as we seek to grow in Christ by reading scripture, eating, and praying together. 

Boomers (born 1940-1959)

9:30 AM | Singles & Married |  ages 55 and older | Living Room 

Join other baby boomers who want to grow together in faith, build trusting bonds of friendship, serve the needs of others, and have fun along the way.

This class offers Bible-based teaching, group interaction, and small group discussions. Along with studying scripture, the Boomers class meets socially for various activities ranging from dinners for eight, Sunday brunch after church to plays and holiday events. 


9:40 AM | Singles & Married, With or Without Children |  all ages  |  Solarium

Led by Rev. Jon Crantz and Rev. David Augustus, our goal is to equip and encourage all members of this Sunday School community to grow in their discipleship to Jesus Christ.

The most important aspect of raising children to know Christ is parents who are growing in their faith. This community will focus on biblical, Christ-centered teaching and intentional fellowship throughout the week.

Each Sunday morning, we will have a singular focus of applying the teaching of scripture to our everyday lives as followers of Christ. 

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Alternative Sunday School Classes:

To see a list of alternative Sunday School classes, click on the link below.

Alternative Sunday School Classes

For more information about Sunday School classes or Equipping Seminars, please email Abigail MacDougall at amacdougall@fpchouston.org.