Sundays | 9:45am | Fellowship Hall 

Welcome to the resources page for the Basic Training in the Bible Sunday School class. If you have not had a chance to attend the class, we hope you will. We are an intergenerational class, open to people of every age and stage. If you can’t gather with us at that time, we have created this web page to make the materials available, including audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts. Feel free to contact the teacher, Pastor Andrew Stepp, if you have any questions at astepp@fpchouston.org

What is Basic Training?

Have you ever wondered how to study the Bible? It can often feel like you are trying to understand a story from a completely different culture in a completely different language in a completely different era. That’s because you are! Join us as we dive deeper into God’s Word and learn how to read and interpret it faithfully. Using a blend of theological scholarship, humor, and teaching devices, we will look at how to study books as a whole, analyze characters and themes, and even dig into some of the more bizarre and provocative stories. 

Class Audio

Click here to hear any of the previous sessions. 

Class Materials

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Genesis

Session 3: Exodus

Session 4: Leviticus

Session 5: Numbers

Session 6: Deuteronomy

Session 7:  Class Choice

Session 8:  Class Choice: Tribes of Israel

Session 9: Joshua

session 10: judges

Session 11: Ruth

Session 13: First Samuel

Session 14: Second Samuel

Session 15: First Kings

Session 16: Second Kings

Session 17: Chronicles

Session 18: ezra

Session 19: Nehemiah

session 20: esther

session 21: Job

session 22: Psalms

session 23: proverbs

Session 24: Ecclesiastes

session 25: Song of Solomon

Session 26: Isaiah

session 27: The northern kingdom prophets

Session 28: The southern kingdom prophets

session 29: The Prophets (session 3)

session 30: the prophets (session 4)

Session 31: The Prophets (session 5)

Session 32: The Intertestamental Period

Session 33:  Matthew

session 34: Mark

Session 35: Luke

Session 36: John

Session 37: Acts

Session 38: Romans

Session 39:  1st Corinthians

Session 40: 2nd Corinthians

session 41: Galatians

session 42: Ephesians

session 43: Philippians

Session 44: Colossians and Philemon

session 45: First and Second Thessalonians

Session 46: The Pastoral Epistles

session 47: James

Session 48: 1 and 2 Peter

Session 49: 1, 2, and 3 John and Jude

session 50: Hebrews

session 51: Revelation

How to read the Bible for All Its Worth

session 1: Introduction

Session 2: Reading Epistles

session 3: The Old testament narratives

session 4: The act of reading and reading acts

Session 5: The gospels: one story, many dimensions

session 6: The Parables: Do you get the point