Sundays | 9:45 am | Fellowship Hall 

Welcome to the resources page for the Basic Training in the Bible Sunday School class. If you have not had a chance to attend the class, we hope you will. We are an intergenerational class, open to people of every age and stage. If you can’t gather with us at that time, we have created this web page to make the materials available, including audio recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts. Feel free to contact the teacher, Pastor Andrew Stepp, if you have any questions at astepp@fpchouston.org.

What is Basic Training?

Have you ever wondered how to study the Bible? It can often feel like you are trying to understand a story from a completely different culture in a completely different language in a completely different era. That’s because you are! Join us as we dive deeper into God’s Word and learn how to read and interpret it faithfully. Using a blend of theological scholarship, humor, and teaching devices, we will look at how to study books as a whole, analyze characters and themes, and even dig into some of the more bizarre and provocative stories. 

Class Audio

Click here to hear any of the previous sessions. 

Past Class Materials

Basic Training in the Bible (2018-2019)

How to read the Bible for all its worth

THe Heresies