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We communicate with parents primarily through email, so if you are a parent and would like to be added to our email list, please use the tab below to submit your contact information.

We communicate with students mainly through text messages, so if you'd like to add your student to our text list, please send an email to Morgan Bates at mbates@fpchouston.org or youth@fpchouston.org.  

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Parent Ed Night Activities

First Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian School are co-hosting three parent education events throughout the school year.

Each event will include a presentation on  “How to talk to your kids about…” various topics and will be followed by time for parents to have dinner at a local restaurant. 

Free childcare is available with a reservation.

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Family & Friends Sunday School Classes

Every Sunday | LC 267

*Classes meet every Sunday except for Holidays and Summer

Looking for fellowship with FPC families? This class is for you! Parents gather for coffee, fellowship and time in the Scriptures. There will always be Christ-centered biblical teaching. We know that it’s tough to navigate life as a parent, especially when your kids are teenagers or young adults.  The goal of this class is to listen to you, encourage you and inspire you, not only in your daily faith walk but in the journey of raising your children that honors the Lord Jesus in every way.  

Our curriculum and format will change throughout the year, but we will always offer a variety of speakers and formats to encourage relationship growth in our parent community.  Whether we address "hot topics” (issues facing families at the intersection of faith and culture), hear from the Youth Staff, or study an excerpt of Scripture, our hope is that as we all draw closer to the Lord and to our families, we will grow closer as friends in the process!

Need Some Assistance?

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need a little extra guidance.  This can be especially true during the "teen parenting" phase of life.  If you are in need of a licensed counselor or another professional resource, or if you just need a listening ear or a praying friend, please contact Cheryl Tucker at ctucker@fpchouston.org, or youth@fpchouston.org.  We hope it goes without saying that all inquiries are treated with confidentiality.  We want to help where we can!  

Helpful Resource For Parents

Trying to navigate tough topics in today's TEEN CULTURE?  Two helpful online resources are Axis and Fuller Youth Institute.

Axis offers many resources from "Parenting Guides" to "Conversation Starter Kits" to "The Culture Translator", a weekly newsletter which helps parents stay up to date on ever-changing teen trends. Their list of topics is extensive: social media, smartphone usage, gender identity, pornography, anxiety, depression, suicide and much more. 

Fuller Youth Institute offers similar resources, such as helping your children process tragedy, helping your children develop faith that stays with them through college and beyond (Sticky Faith), and much more. 

Click on the links below for more info!

resources at axis.org   Resources at FYI

Has your child experienced Trauma and Grief?  The Child Mind Institute is an excellent first step for parents who need to help children cope with traumatic grief.

Click here to listen to and watch the morning and evening talks from our high school ski trip this past January. We pray that they are a convicting and encouraging reminder of the "resolutions that you should never make" inspired by the life of King Saul.

To listen to Jeremiah Morris speak on Social Media, please click on the link below. 

Watch videos of David Gow’s lessons from Ephesians!

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