Life At FPC

ECO Natl. Gathering 2018

Life at FPC told by FPC Communications on February 14, 2018

Drawing on lessons from Nehemiah, we learned and grew together to strengthen our hands for the good work that God has in store for us. Key speakers included: Ed Stetzer, Condoleezza Rice, and Kyle Strobel. 

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Below, we reflect with FPC Member, Kent Woodard, on his experience attending the 2018 ECO Conference.


Dear FPC Family,

I had talked to Jim at the conference about how more members could be touched by our new ECO association and direction. It was so inspiring to be a part of the event as a lay person.

 So, my brief remarks and I hope I did the event justice. If they are useful in some way to others, so be it.

ECO Convention - We are in a Good Place

As a lifelong Presbyterian and FPC Houston lay member some 20 years, I was interested in the change we were making to ECO. With the Convention coming to Houston, I felt it was a great opportunity to get a feel where we, as a Church, were going. What I got was much more than I intended; I got immersed into the Christian movement of the past and future.

From the first keynote speaker, Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, then through speakers Dana Allin and Kyle Strobel, to Dr. Condoleezza Rice's inspiring closing remarks, the message was loud and clear: ECO and its 300 plus Churches are of one body, that of Jesus Christ, and of one Word, the Scriptures. There is no disputed theology under Christ and no disputed children of God; we are all God's children.

However, we live in an evolving world, and the question has been: are we, as Christians, evolving with it? The Church doesn't have a mission or ministry for God; God has a mission and ministry for the Church, His instrument on earth. I took away from the comments three principals which appear to be the past and future guiding force for His Church: first, Matthew 28:18 - therefore "go" and make disciplines of all people. Second, "don't just be the 'nominal' Church," which waits for new members to come in to a wonderful building. Jesus took His single theology, the Gospels, and went out to all peoples, as all being children of the most High, walking from village to village, not sitting in a big Church, waiting for new Christians – so “go." Third, Acts 1:5; we can't do it ourselves. It is by and through the Holy Spirit we are provided God's strength, grace, and love.

How do we accomplish a Christian world? First, equip yourself- know God's Word and accept the power of his Spirit. The way to receive God's power and wisdom is through prayer. Your power and wisdom can be shaped by a secular world or by God, but by God, only through prayer. Second, as a Christian and disciple of Christ, you must live in mission. Our faith can't be so personal that it can't be shared with others, especially unbelievers. Third, live in service to others. By providing love, support, and service to the everyone, it will be through God's grace in you and in that service that the Holy Spirit will bring others to Him.

Too many times we leave our mission responsibility to our pastors and Elders. We all have been called to share the good news (again, Matt. 28). ECO is in the business of helping us stay on message and equip our leadership to equip us. Four thousand members of FPC on mission can do a lot more for Christ and our world than a handful of pastors and dedicated lay members. Think leverage.

Lastly, to see the 1,500 ECO members, all ages, and from all around the country come together in song, worship, and genuine continuous enthusiasm, pumped me up. I was pumped for ECO, my church, and the future of our faith. 

Obviously, there was much more, but hopefully this short narrative will catch some of the positive essence of our new ECO relationship. 

Very best,