Stewardship 2018

Stewardship 2018: My Gifts Matter

As we begin our 2018 Stewardship program, we encourage you to consider the gifts, talents, and resources that God has uniquely granted you. To aid in this process, the FPC Prayer Ministry has compiled a set of monthly devotions reflecting on the many aspects of giving — joys, benefits, and challenges. Additionally, each month’s content features the name and description of a ministry that has been blessed through the faithfulness and generosity of your giving.  Please take a moment to review these items and download the 2018 My Gifts Matter Devotional Calendar. 

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As our theme suggests, the gifts of every member of the FPC family are vitally important to fulfilling our mission as a church. We hope that all who reflect on these devotions and spend time in vision discussions will experience a renewed sense of calling, not only with regards to financial giving but in the use of their talents and time as we come together to serve our neighbors both locally and across the globe.

Your Gifts Matter!


We are praying for 100% participation and the faith to give 10% more.