Rediscovering Biblical Justice Sermon Series

Jan 10 – Feb 14

Concern for justice is one of the most widely discussed subjects in both our culture and our church today. Sadly, it can also be one of the most controversial. Though the topic is complex and the conversations often difficult, Christians should not ignore or avoid the subject of justice. Join us as we rely on God's Word to explore the foundation and facets of biblical justice while working to better understand and differentiate it from more secular interpretations.

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Faith Conversations

Faith Conversations is a weekly live stream hosted by Pastor Jim and other guests to discuss issues impacting our community, our nation, and beyond. Join the conversation at 12 PM each week.

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Faith and Race Resources

A team of FPC Shepherding Elders and Covenant Partners vetted these resources and offered their guiding thoughts. We invite you to journey with us, submitting yourself to the Holy Spirit, and asking that He would be your guide through this often emotional and challenging road to reconciliation.

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