2023 ONC Recommendations

Officer Nominating Committee Recommendations

Deadline to submit recommendations: Friday, August 5

The Standing Nominating Committee (SNC) is responsible for forming annual committees, approved by Session, to assist with the responsibilities of the church, including the nomination of future Elders and the nomination of called pastors. In light of this, the SNC has opened the recommendation period for the 2023 Officer Nominating Committee (ONC).


A new Officer Nominating Committee is formed each year and is composed of two active Elders and nine other church members who have not served on an ONC within the last three years. ONC members serve for one year and during this time it is their responsibility to identify and recommend a set of members to be ordained (if not already) as Elders and serve on Session for a period of three years. 


If you believe you or another Covenant Partner would be a good choice for this role, please review the Member Recommendation Booklet and ECO Vision documents below for a complete overview of the necessary responsibilities before filling out the online recommendation form at the bottom of this page.

If you choose to print and fill out the recommendation form, please return it no later than Friday, August 5, to the drop-off box at the Welcome Center, OR mail to:

First Presbyterian Church
Attention: Brent Dorsey
Standing Nominating Committee
5300 Main St.
Houston, TX 77004

If you need more information please email sncchair@fpchouston.org.

Online Recommendation Form Below

ONC Recommendation Form

ONC Recommendation Form

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