Temporary Contact Information

Due to technical issues with our phone system, voicemail messages may not be received. Please use the following phone number to reach our answering service for time-sensitive needs: 713.513.7564.

Members Directory

FPC Members Directory 

Are You In The Directory? 

We highly encourage our members to opt-in to the church directory and upload a photo to go along with their profile.

If you already have access to the directory, click the link below to log in.

Access Members Directory 

How Do I Create A Profile In The Online Directory? 

Below are a few steps to help ensure that you and your family's profiles are properly uploaded into the directory:

1. Become a member of FPC. Visit Explore FPC to learn more about becoming a member. 

2. Create an account on the InFellowship website.

3. Opt-in to be in the FPC Members Directory inside of your Privacy Settings.
(You must opt-in to view and be listed in the directory.)

4. Upload your photo.

5.  Each individual family member must have their own profile. 

To learn more about InFellowship and its features, please click the link below or email membership@fpchouston.org.

Learn more about InFellowship