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Subsplash Giving FAQ

Subsplash Giving Platform

The Subsplash giving platform makes stewardship of giving to the church simple.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your giving, please email To give now, click on the button below:

How do I create an account and give via Subsplash?

NOTE: This is a new giving platform. Even if you had an account in the past you will need to reregister.

  • 1
    Select the ministry you would like to give to from the drop-down menu at the top of the Giving page
  • 2
    In the Amount field next to the dollar sign, type in the dollar amount you wish to give.
  • 3
    Select your preferred giving frequency: One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, Every Two Weeks or Twice a Month
  • 4
    Click the Next button.
  • 5
    Select how you would like to set up your account (via Google, Email Address, Facebook or Apple). You can also give as a guest without setting up an account.
  • 6
    On the next page, select the Sign Up tab at the top, complete the form and click on the Create Account button.
  • 7
    You will receive a verification via email. Once your email address is verified, you be able to give through your Subsplash giving account.