20 Questions Sermon Series

20 Questions Sermon Series

This January, we will begin a new sermon series titled, "Twenty Questions." The goal of this series is to explore some of the common questions that we have about faith and Christianity...identified and submitted by YOU, the friends and family of FPC.

Join us each week as we delve into some of the most challenging questions in our faith and check back here for additional information.

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Jan 6

Does Prayer Really Work?  How can I know that prayer really works?  Why would God not answer my prayers – especially if I have prayed for an outcome that would obviously glorify God?  If we commit ourselves to prayer and service – what can we actually expect from God, if anything?  Can we truly expect God to intervene in our lives?

Options for additional study:
Prayer: Finding The Heart's True Home, by Richard Foster
Prayer: Experiencing Awe And Intimacy With God, by Tim Keller
Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? by Philip Yancey

Jan 13

Can I be certain that God Really Exists?  How can we believe that anything is “certain”?   If God loves me, why would he create me in a way that I can’t believe in him?

Options for additional study:
The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, Tim Keller
Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

Jan 27

Church planting?  This again?  How can we prepare ourselves for the loss of more members through church planting?  What difference has transferring to ECO made in the life and ministry of FPC?

Feb 3

Why so slow Lord?  Why is God’s plan of salvation revealed to such a small fraction of creation?   Why is it taking so long for Jesus return?

Feb 10

Why is it often so hard to find a church home?

Feb 17

What happens when I die?  Is there a heaven waiting for me?  What and where is it?  Is there really a hell?  What do we know from scripture about angels and demons?

Feb 24

Why should I give to the church?  What is appropriate to give?  What is tithing?

Mar 3

How do we forgive and heal?  How can we forgive in such a way that we experience the freedom of living as one who is both freely forgiven and who forgives freely?

Mar 10

Are we promised blessings in life? Is there such thing as a Christian theology of suffering?  What is the nature of the blessings we are promised?  Should Christians expect something different from non-Christians?

Mar 17

Can I really trust the Bible to be the Word of God? How do we discern if the “do’s” and “dont's” in scripture are meant to be followed or not?

Mar 24

What does Christian hospitality look like? How do we build and sustain authentic Christian community?

Mar 31

How would Jesus have voted? How do I apply my faith to the political and social issues of the day?  Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat?  If I have to choose between a candidate who is pro-choice and one who seems racist, how do I vote?  How about a candidate who seems pretty nominal in their faith vs. one who is openly hostile to faith?  How do we balance the need to love those who would do us ill – while at the same time protecting ourselves from harm?

Apr 7

Why doesn’t FPC have any female pastors? Is it biblical to have women as elders/pastors?  Has God given different roles to women and men?

Women in Ministry: A Biblical Basis for Equal Partnership

Apr 14

How can a loving God allow suffering? Is suffering a form of God’s punishment?

Options for additional study:
Walking With God Through Pain And SufferingTim Keller
A Grace Disguised: How The Soul Grows Through GriefGerald Sittser

Apr 28

Why does suffering often seem so unfair? Why do some experience Job-like suffering, while others experience little or none?

May 5

How can Christians overcome fear, anxiety and/or depression? How can we live the Christian life with greater freedom and joy?

May 12

Is it really possible to know God’s Will? How can we hear God speak to us?

May 19

Would a loving God send people to hell?  If God loves us unconditionally, then why do we experience eternal damnation if we don’t accept Jesus into our hearts?  Does God hate some people?

May 26

Why are Christians often so judgmental?  Why have we let religion become politicized?  Why do Christians often use the Bible as an excuse to be judgmental?  How should we treat those who claim to be Christians yet differ from us in their beliefs or practices?

June 2

How do I know that I have a saving faith?  Do babies/small children who die before knowing and accepting Christ go to heaven?  What about those who are not taught or exposed to the faith?