Generation One


Our goal is to create an equitable landscape that creates high-quality opportunities to learn and grow—no matter what zip code a child lives in.

Working in the Third Ward, Generation One is a living laboratory for education research and development. With high-quality early education, engaging after-school programming, and family support, Generation One empowers children and families to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Become a Volunteer

Next Gen is an out-of-school time enrichment program for former Academy students in kindergarten through high school. Offering after school, summer, and remote learning activities and support, Next Gen’s mission is to empower youth to live out their passions, spiritual convictions, and creativity to succeed and change the world around them. 

Become a Mentor

Each One Reach One Mentoring is seeking more men and women to walk alongside the youth in this community. Mentors are asked to make a two-year commitment to spending a minimum of six hours a month, meeting at least twice a month with their mentee. We also ask that mentors check in weekly by phone when possible.