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Small Groups

Small Groups

FPC Small groups have resumed for the 2020 Spring semester! If you are interested in finding community at FPC, small groups are a great way to get connected with people in your neighorhood who have a heart for Jesus, sharing the gospel, and the caring for the city of Houston. Please contact Abigail MacDougall at amacdougall@fpchouston.org to find a group that will work with your schedule and location. 

Small Group Registration

What To Expect When You Join A Small Group

  • Meet once a week, lasting 1-2 hours
  • Meet regularly throughout the fall and spring
  • All types of groups: women only, men only, co-ed, intergenerational
  • Purpose: authentic community and spiritual growth

Small Group Curriculum 

Each small group discusses the scripture and sermon-based study guide the week after the sermon is preached. It has been said that we remember...

  • 10 percent of what we read (passive)                        
  • 20 percent of what we hear (passive)
  • 30 percent of what we see and hear (passive)
  • 70 percent of what we say and write (active)
  • 90 percent of what we say as we do (active)

With these statistics, we realize that actively engaging the text on more than one occasion with more than one of our senses is vital for the information to be remembered, understood, and personalized. The pastors and the Discipleship Team pray, discern and determine the sermon texts and themes, resulting in the curriculum you receive each week. The curriculum is written two weeks before the sermon, hence the reason some weeks the sermon might focus on a different theme than the guide. We see this as an advantage, though, because it allows small groups to study the text more holistically.

What Is The Format Of The Small Group Meeting?

A study guide is used as the basis for discussion. Other components of the meeting (prayer, worship, accountability, confession, social activities, etc.) are decided by the members of the group.

Why Should I Join A Small Group?

We desire to see you in a growing relationship with God. We want you to come to church and to be plugged in and connect with others at FPC. Small groups provide an environment where this can happen by intentionally gathering people to help each other grow in loving God and doing his will.

As you study and discuss the Bible with others, you will be encouraged and equipped to live in such a way that your life will glorify God. You will know what Paul describes as "mutual encouragement in faith" in Romans. 

As a follower of Jesus, you are a missionary, and it is our hope that your faith will increase and you will teach others about God.

Disciples making disciples – this is the aim of small groups. 

Where Do We Meet?

Small groups meet all around the city of Houston. For a complete list of existing small groups and locations, click here

How Do I Join?

Contact Abigail MacDougall, Discipleship Coordinator, at amacdougall@fpchouston.org to connect with a group leader or to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

What About My Kids?

Childcare is managed on a group-by-group basis. Individual groups decide together how they will handle childcare in a way that works best for them. 

Leading a Group 

Would you consider hosting or facilitating a small group? Complete the Small Group Leader application, and we will contact you!