Ashley Morris
Wedding Coordinator


More About Ashley Morris...

Describe your job in 10 words or fewer.

organizing ceremony details-from booking to walking down the aisle


What’s one of your favorite scriptures?

Colossians 3:12-17


What are your top 3 favorite movies?

You’ve Got Mail. Pride and Prejudice. The Wedding Planner 😉 (not really)


What is your hidden talent or fun fact about you?

I love to create-I once made my own wallpaper using washi tape. It’s still the favorite wall in my home.


Best thing about Houston?

the people


What do you enjoy most about being on staff at FPC?

the people. their kindness and love for others and the church


Most memorable FPC moment?

Helping lead the FPC Youth Adventure trip to Idaho. It was so beautiful, I led a wonderful group of girls and haven’t ever laughed that much. Then, years later, I helped coordinate some of their weddings!


Favorite workday lunch spot?

graham crackers at my desk


What year did you start working at FPC?



What is your go-to Chick-Fil-A order?

the leftovers from my toddler


What music are you listening to right now?

Ellie Holcombe, Kasey Musgraves, Patti Griffin


What is your favorite TV show or movie?

Parks and Rec


What inspires you?

My husband. He’s patient when I’m not. Silly when I need a laugh. A hard worker, yet always makes time to play with our boys. Loves Jesus and loves our family.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

no ice cream. but I’ll take a Tiny’s cookie any day.