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Emmanuel Paulpeter
Pastor of Outreach
I was born in India, grew up in a loving Christian family, with my Mom telling me stories from the Bible and stories about European missionaries who ministered in India, back when India was under the British Rule. So as a kid, I wanted to become a missionary. Since my teenage year growing up in India I have always been involved in one or another form of Evangelism ministry as a lay person. I worked in the software industry for 10 years then heeding God's call to full time ministry I quit my job and went to seminary. I joined FPC 2017 as a Church planting resident. In 2018 started managing the Alpha program. I got ordained in 2019. The question of how Christians can engage the culture around us has been a defining question for me, many of my passions and hobbies have grown around this question. I enjoy reading books from a wide range of genres from Theology to Literature. I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, teasing out glimmers of the Gospel in the stories that capture our culture. When I want to relax I go to a coffee shop to read and I enjoy going on long road trips and hiking around the Big Bend.


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