Melanie Byrd
Communications Coordinator


More About Melanie Byrd...

Describe your job in 10 words or fewer.

Help organize and implement effective messages to the congregation.


Best thing about Houston?

All the different styles of restaurants and the weather (when it’s not the middle of summer).


What do you enjoy most about being on staff at FPC?

Working with such an amazing team every day.


Favorite workday lunch spot?

Well, I really only eat in my office, so I guess by default I have to say my desk. But sometimes my team orders from Fadi’s and that’s yummy!


What year did you start working at FPC?



What is your go-to Chick-Fil-A order?

When I’m feeling healthy, I’ll get the grilled chicken sandwich. But when I need some comfort food, I’ll order the Fried Chicken Nuggets with Chick-Fil-A sauce!


What is your favorite TV show or movie?

The Office


What is one of the most memorable experiences of your life?

My wedding day


What inspires you?

To live my best life with my husband and cat


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

*unpopular opinion* I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, but I do have a big sweet tooth! Give me cake, brownies, cookies, chocolate, etc. and I will be happy!