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ECO National Gathering

FPC is affiliated with ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. Our relationship with the denomination is expressed in our participation in its local governing body, the Presbytery of Texas.

Our denomination offers an annual gathering designed to equip and strengthen the pastors, elders, lay leaders, students, staff teams, and covenant partners (members) of ECO.  Links to materials and presentations from recent Gatherings are available below.

2020 National Gathering: Interconnected

In February, members of the FPC Staff and Session attended the annual ECO National Gathering in Dallas, Texas. During this time, the FPC team strengthened connections with friends, colleagues, and most importantly, the God who created us to love and serve Him.

2019 National Gathering: Locally Grown

This year, FPC Staff and Session members traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend the 2019 ECO National Gathering. The question continually be asked at this gathering was “What is your Flourishing Next Step?”

2018 National Gathering: Renovate

Drawing on lessons from Nehemiah, we learned and grew together to strengthen our hands for the good work that God has in store for us. Key speakers included: Ed Stetzer, Condoleezza Rice, and Kyle Strobel. 

2017 National Gathering: Entrusted

In January, several members of the FPC Staff and Session attended the annual ECO National Gathering in Greenville, South Carolina. It was wonderful to join our ECO family for the first time and participate in a week of worshiping together, receiving instruction and inspiration from scheduled speakers and making new friends and colleagues in faith.