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Equipping Parents

FPC is committed to equipping parents in all stages (birth through 12th grade) so that we instill a love for Jesus in the next generation who are passionate about his mission to Houston and the world. We believe the Bible teaches that the church and family are called to work together to see our kids come to faith in Christ and continue to grow in him. Even so, the primary responsibility falls on the parents. To this end, we hope to partner with parents to give them resources to help in this sacred calling!

Our Phases

FPC’s discipleship pathway for children progresses through age-appropriate ministries we call phases. Every ministry phase is designed to equip parents and engage the next generation with the gospel so that they love Christ and his mission wholeheartedly.

We hope to step alongside you in whatever phase your family is in, equipping you to engage your children with the gospel to encourage a foundational love of Christ and His mission. Whether your children are in diapers or are soon to receive diplomas, we have designed a discipleship pathway of age-appropriate ministry phases to equip you along your parenting journey. 

We provide quality care for children 0-2 yrs while parents are engaging in their own spiritual development.

Baptism is the sign and seal of God’s covenant of grace, reminding us that His love claims us, in Jesus Christ, long before we ever come to know this love personally. Learn more >

FPC Pre-K activities and events help children ages 3-5 learn that God created them, cares for them, and loves them. They are shown the Bible. They are told Bible stories. They play Bible stories.

At this age (Grades K-3rd) children are able to attend worship services. They will still need activities they can do to help them remain in place, especially the younger elementary students. They will gain a sense of community, be known by multiple generations, and start to absorb the songs and rhythms of worship. They can engage with the worship service with encouragement from their parents—singing simple or familiar refrains, learning the apostle’s creed, looking up the scripture, etc. 

VBS, First-Grade Bible Sunday, Worship Workshop

First-Grade Bible Sunday

It is completely appropriate to expect children this age (Grades 4-5) to be able to participate in corporate worship. They may refer to the sermon as “boring”. Apologies to the pastors! At this age children may not relate to some of the sermon material and most of them will not be able to focus for 20-30 minutes of a listening only activity such as a sermon or lecture. Given materials to engage their bodies—coloring, drawing, creative items they can manipulate—they will follow some of the sermon. Especially if they hear illustrations and references that are familiar or about younger people. 

VBS, PreTeen Bible Study, Worship Workshop

Middle School (Grades 6-8) is filled with lots of change. FPC Student Ministry is a place where your student can belong as they navigate these years. We aim to help your Middle School student build lasting friendships, be encouraged, and grow in knowledge and love of Christ. Learn more >

D2, Summer Trips, Small Groups, Resound! Youth Choir


To give your High School student (Grades 9-12) a place to make and be with friends, learn about Jesus, and simply belong.
Learn more >

Sunday School, Small Groups, Summer Trips, Resound! Youth Choir, Ski Trip

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