Our Vision

Here to Serve is our guiding vision adopted to better position First Presbyterian Church to amplify the message of the gospel for the sake of our future, neighborhood, and city.

For 180 years, our church has sought to follow Jesus’ example of open-handed service.
And we are committed to remaining a church that answers the Gospel call to give of ourselves – 
HERE in the households, communities, and city that God has placed us.

God Has Placed Us Each Here to Serve

We are here.

There is a reason God placed First Presbyterian Church here – in this growing and changing neighborhood, in the heart of this city of opportunity and innovation. Right where we are, we have the opportunity to have a profound impact for the sake of the gospel.

You are here.

There is a reason you are where you are – in each setting, relationship, and interaction. God has sent you to your unique context – your home, your neighborhood, your workplace – to show His love to people in a way that no one else can.

Be A Part of the Vision

Accompanying our guiding vision is a two-year campaign to strengthen the ability of First Presbyterian Church to amplify the message of the Gospel for the sake of our future, our neighborhood, and our city.

HERE. For Our Future

To truly live out our calling as a church community, we must intentionally disciple the next generation of believers and invest in future leaders. Through this, we foster a legacy of faith that extends for generations to come.

HERE. For Our Neighborhood

God has placed us in this neighborhood—among big thinkers and change-making institutions, providing both a responsibility and an opportunity to use our space to share the love of Jesus.

HERE. For the City

We want to love Houston through initiatives that will advance the common good of our city and create outreach opportunities in everyday settings. Through these efforts, we see the Church grow and our city thrive.

We serve so that the message of Jesus Christ is amplified in this city and so future generations know the goodness of the Gospel.