Main Street Fellowship

Revive your work, on earth as is in heaven.

Main Street Fellowship forms leaders with all of Christ, for all of life, for the good of Houston and the world.

Think Biblically

Develop a theologically-informed imagination regarding all aspects of life, with a special emphasis on the place we spend most of our time—the workplace.

Practice the Way of Jesus

Among a community of cross-vocational peers, implement daily practices and spiritual rhythms that align your whole life to be purposed for others, driven by the love of Jesus.

Renew Work and Culture

Love your work back to what it was intended to be: an act of glorious worship.

Core Objectives

We form men and women who lead from a core Christian commitment and worldview.

We empower Christian men and women to be the Church, the hope of the world.

We help men and women integrate their Christian faith with all of life.

We believe work is worship, and we help Christian men and women make it so.

Here’s What You Get

It’s a lot of fun. Trust us.

Weekly Classes

Beginning Sept 18 until mid-May 2023, we will meet every Sunday over breakfast from 9–10:30 AM for hands-on teaching and community learning experiences, diving head first into applicable, Gospel-rich course content:

The Story: The Gospel Story as a Public Truth

The Characters: Who are we as people, and who is the God who redeems?

The Mission of the Church: What is our work along the way?

The End of the World: How do we engage this space, place, and time?

Making our Way: How do we get to where we are going?

Three Retreats

We retreat overnight in the hill country of Texas to go deep on content and community formation.

Sept 16-17, 2022
MSF Orientation

Jan 6-7, 2023
Heart Renewal

May 13-14, 2023
Leading from Our Center

These retreats provide meaningful opportunities to get away from the buzz of the busy city, invest in community, and worship God together.

We also spend time discussing the most important concepts in the course which provide the paradigms that lead to our personal and group transformation over the 9-month program.

*Attending these retreats is a requirement of being a part of the 2022-2023 Class.

Formation Projects

In addition to daily devotional content designed to shape and re-shape your heart and prayer life, we also assign practical projects which integrate our weekly course content and communal discussions. These projects include:

The Biblical Narrative Project

The Self-Counseling Project

The Redemptive Feedback Project

The Work-site Visit Project

The Cultural Renewal Project

The Personal Devotional Project

These projects are designed to help apply and “make-practical” the course content and material so you can instantiate the needed rhythms of change and formation required in your life.

Benefits, Cost, & Requirements

•  Increased depth and sustainability in your gospel worldview

•  Guidance for defining your mission for early career and beyond

•  Developing a strategy for cultural renewal in your particular context

•  Opportunity to learn from experienced Christian leaders

•  Exposure to the Houston arts, cultural events, and mercy/justice outreach

•  Instructors, mentors, and speakers

•  Community-based learning

•  An integrated curriculum on theology, worldview, faith, and work

•  Group discussions and collaborative learning

•  Guided devotionals and spiritual formation

Program Tuition: $1,100

This fee offsets the overall program cost. Covered under the fee are: 
•  over 14 theological works,
•  weekly devotional resources,
three weekend retreats, with all costs including meals and lodging provided
gatherings throughout the year, including an MSF Christmas party, with meals and drinks provided

*Scholarship opportunities are available

You must be able to attend all retreats

Retreat 1: Fri- Sat | Sep 16-17, 2022 | Orientation

Retreat 2: Fri-Sat | Jan 6-7, 2023 | Heart Renewal 

Retreat 3: Fri-Sat | May 13-14, 2023 | Leading from our Center