Neighborhood Connect

What is Neighborhood Connect?

Simply put, Neighborhood Connect is here to make the BIG church feel smaller. Our Here to Serve vision reminds us that, within our specific spheres of influence, we are each called to live our faith and seek to serve others. And that’s the purpose of Neighborhood Connect. Through our assigned Neighborhood Connect groups, we each receive an opportunity to think about our geographic communities as a place where we can build relationships, foster communal service, and invite those around us to experience the love of Christ…beyond the church walls.

How Does It Work?

Under the leadership of our Session, members of FPC (Covenant Partners) have been divided into “neighborhoods” based on their zip code (see map below) and each “Neighborhood” has been assigned to a Care Team. These Care Teams are comprised of Elders who will work together to connect Covenant Partners socially through smaller group activities outside of the church and provide an additional line of communication for discipleship and service opportunities, church-wide events, and ministry involvement. Care Teams also provide an additional way for Covenant Partners to more personally communicate their needs and concerns back to church leadership.

When Can I Connect?

For the last few weeks, the Neighborhood Connect team and your respective Care Team Leaders have been working diligently to organize the Fall 2023 gatherings happening this October. You should receive an email introducing your Care Team Leader(s) and inviting you to your neighborhood-specific gathering soon. All you have to do is RSVP and show up! If you don’t receive an email to RSVP, please email

Moving forward, we will offer at least two Neighborhood Connect events each year, one in the spring and fall—but your neighborhood may meet more often if those in your community have the desire.


For questions or more information, email