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Church Office Hours

Monday to Friday  
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Building Hours

Monday to Friday  7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday  8 AM to 4 PM
Sunday  7 AM to 2 PM

Events Request

To request audio or visual support, meeting or event space, please complete the  request form below.

Maintenance Request

To request housekeeping or maintenance, contact the Facilities Director at 713.620.6467

Campus Updates

Business Hours

Today FPC Houston is operating under normal office and building hours. Any changes to the schedule will be posted here.

Stay Up-To-Date
For the latest information regarding weather, traffic, and facility activities impacting the FPC campus, opt-in to receive alerts via text by texting “MEMBER” to 90859.

Building Access and Security Changes | Nov 2

As part of our effort to continuously improve the safety of our campus, we are pleased to share that beginning Thursday, November 2, 2023 we are upgrading our security system and modifying our security access protocol. Below is a summary of the changes you can expect as we work to make our campus a safer place:

> Digital Access and Video Monitoring. Our new security system will include digital access and video monitoring of all perimeter doors. 

> Changes to Perimeter Access. All perimeter doors on the FPC campus will be locked 24 hours a day, six days a week (Monday through Saturday). Those visiting the campus will need to enter through the Welcome Center entrance. 

> Digital Access to Presbyterian School (PS) and Kid’s Day Out (KDO) Hallways. Doorways providing access to PS and KDO hallways will be locked and accessible only via digital badge. Only staff members and those who require access to these areas will be permitted. Individuals visiting the campus will require an escort or admittance by a school staff member. Specific guidelines for PS access will apply (see below).

> Sunday Access. Building access on Sundays will remain essentially unchanged. Access to meeting spaces, classrooms, and worship areas will be unrestricted, and the Welcome Center, Mini Gym, and Palm Court entrances will all be open from 7 AM-2 PM to provide easy access to worship services.

To request assistance with this system, please contact

Instructions for Accessing Presbyterian School

During school hours, any parent or visitor coming to campus (regardless of their final destination) must check in at the Founders Hall receptionist desk and receive a sticker badge to be permitted on campus.  

After check-in, guests wishing to enter the FPC building will be instructed to use either the Palm Court or Barkdull entrance. Using a camera system, a security guard in the Welcome Center will buzz the parent in at Palm Court only if they see a badge on the parent.  Similarly, a security guard stationed at the Barkdull entrance will open the door to parents with a badge.  Parents or Presbyterian School visitors who go directly to the Palm Court or Barkdull entrances without checking in and receiving a sticker badge at Founders Hall will be redirected back to the receptionist desk for check-in.

After school hours (between 4-6 PM), a security guard will relocate from the Barkdull entrance to Palm Court to help facilitate entry for athletic and other after-school events. 

For more information about Presbyterian School, please visit

FPC Library

The physical location of the Library is across the hall from the Chapel. Titles cover a broad range of topics including marriage, the Boundary books, parenting, dating, divorce, spiritual growth, theology, Bible commentaries, missions, missionaries, biography, and fiction. 

For more information, contact