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Our Beliefs

Compelled by the love of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we carry the gospel to Houston and to the world.
Statement of Faith

First Presbyterian Church of Houston, is affiliated with the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). This means that its theology is Reformed as expressed in the Essential Tenets and the Book of Confessions and its governance is Presbyterian – ruled by elders – as defined in the Polity and Discipline of ECO, all under the authority of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

The ECO Essential Tenets and Confessions were adopted by the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Houston at its stated meeting on August 15, 2017. These Tenets and Confessions can be read in their entirety by clicking here.

Core Values

In 2019, we committed to Here to Serve, a guiding vision to better position First Presbyterian Church to amplify the message of the gospel for the sake of our future, neighborhood, and city.

While our vision statement represents who we desire to become, our core values represent the essential DNA of who we are as a church community.

We sincerely want people to know Jesus.

God is transforming our lives with the Good News of his love and grace. Therefore, we endeavor to share that love and grace so others will know Christ and experience that same transformation.

We embrace the call to remain routed in the Word of God.

We believe in the power and centrality of studying the Bible and allowing its truth to challenge and shape our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

We are a church filled with leaders and servants who desire to affect change in the world for the good of the Gospel.

So much of what we do as a church is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit—from church planting to our mission ministries to the ways our members seek to glorify God in their personal lives and work. God continues to raise up servant leaders who use both innovative and traditional ways to spread the Gospel.

We recognize the unique opportunity to impact the Kingdom available through our building and location.

God has placed us in this specific location—at the intersection of art, medicine, business, and education—so that we can impact this community and this city, now and in the future.

We encourage and invest in Christ-centered relationships.

The church is more than just a building or a location. God calls the church to be a community where Christ-centered relationships are formed. These are relationships in which we know others and are known by them, finding mutual encouragement and support.

We are a persevering church.

When our city was founded, God planted FPC at its crossroads. For more than 180 years, He has faithfully nurtured and provided for it as his witness in the heart of Houston. Through it all, we have continued to press on toward the goal of sharing the Good News, relying on God for strength and direction.

Experience Alpha

Are you looking for a safe space to explore topics of life and faith? Join the discussion at an upcoming Alpha.