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Parents of Youth


We communicate with parents primarily through email, so if you are a parent and would like to be added to our email list, please use the tab below to submit your contact information.

We communicate with students mainly through text messages, so if you’d like to add your student to our text list,
please send an email to Wendy Kennedy.

Helpful Resources

Trying to navigate tough topics in today’s TEEN CULTURE?  Two helpful online resources are Axis and Fuller Youth Institute.

Axis offers many resources from “Parenting Guides” to “Conversation Starter Kits” to “The Culture Translator”, a weekly newsletter that helps parents stay up to date on ever-changing teen trends. Their list of topics is extensive: social media, smartphone usage, gender identity, pornography, anxiety, depression, suicide, and much more. 

Fuller Youth Institute offers similar resources, such as helping your children process tragedy, helping your children develop faith that stays with them through college and beyond (Sticky Faith), and much more. Click on the links below for more info!

Has your child experienced Trauma and Grief?  The Child Mind Institute is an excellent first step for parents who need to help children cope with traumatic grief.

Need Some Assistance?

Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need a little extra guidance.  This can be especially true during the “teen parenting” phase of life.  If you are in need of a licensed counselor or another professional resource, or if you just need a listening ear or a praying friend, please contact Lija Shah or Marty O’Rourke.  We hope it goes without saying that all inquiries are treated with confidentiality.  We want to help where we can!