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What is Evangelism?

At FPC, we understand evangelism to be every way in which followers of Jesus Christ communicate the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection to people in need of a Savior. Thus, to be an evangelist means to be a “good messenger,” an ambassador with news of hope and joy for the world. We value a lifestyle of generosity, hospitality, love, courage, holiness, and grace as a testimony to God’s power in Christ, and we encourage our community to explicitly share the gospel through spoken testimony to those with whom they have a relationship.

Here are some ways to think about evangelism

In a world that is broken and at loss for meaning, love and purpose, we are a people who are proclaiming the love of God through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our proclamation of the Gospel is through our prayerful listening, Christlike hospitality and caring, conviction-filled conversations. We rejoice over every single person who gets to experience the love of Jesus. (Matt 28:16-20, Luke 15:7)

We believe powerful, Holy Spirit led proclamation starts with prayerful listening. We listen both to the one we are called to witness, to our own emotional response and to the voice of the Holy Spirit giving us words to witness to the Gospel (Luke 12:12).

We extend unconditional care and hospitality to all in the community. This also means we do not treat people like “projects.” Every human being is made in God’s image so we love them as Christ loved us and has called us to love each other, reflecting his love for us (John 13:35).

We see that the experience of love of God through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit is the best thing that can happen to anyone. We want to share how God’s love has shaped us with conviction in our conversations, in a caring and winsome way that points people to the love of Jesus (1 Peter 3:15, John 4:29).

Alpha is a listening community designed to help participants explore questions about spirituality and faith in a non-judgmental space. During each gathering, we will watch a 20-minute video exploring some of life’s biggest questions and discuss different points of view in a small group. Everyone is welcome in this safe discussion space—whether atheist or agnostic, non-Christian or Christian wanting a safe space to process their questions and doubts about faith. For more information, visit the FPC Alpha page.

We use invitation spaces for people who are unfamiliar with the Gospel to get a glimpse of the Christian community and the Gospel in safe spaces where there isn’t any kind of pressure. These spaces range from Movie groups to Taco Evenings groups – these safe spaces are where we build relationships of trust with the community that God has placed around us. For more information on the following groups, contact Pastor Emmanuel at

Looking for a relaxing Sunday activity or for an event you can invite a friend to that can segue into spiritual conversation? Each month, we will watch a movie (snacks and refreshments provided) and then have a diverse exchange of ideas from cultural, personal, and theological perspectives. Take a break to immerse yourself in a captivating story and see what interesting conversation follows!

Would you enjoy getting to know people over Tacos at Hermann Park? You can invite a friend that may be looking for community and connection. We meeting every month on a Saturday
evening, right after the movie group to get Tacos and build community around conversations
and food.

Do you enjoy Ted Talks, do you have a friend who would enjoy listening to a discussing Ted Talks? You can invite a friend to that can segue into spiritual conversation! In the Spring and the Fall we have a series of monthly Ted Talk Discussion groups to invite our non-Christian friends to and build community around conversations.

Reading the Bible leads to questions, discussion, and change in the hearts of believers and non-believers. All are welcome to this time of reading and discussion to engage with the Bible and encounter Jesus in its pages.