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Katie Hill
Director of Children & Family Ministry


More About Katie Hill...

Describe your job in 10 words or fewer.

Bringing families together through events!


What’s one of your favorite scriptures?

Joshua 1:9


What are your top 3 favorite movies?

Elf, Tommy Boy, Zoolander


What is your hidden talent or fun fact about you?

I wanted to be Amy Grant when I was younger.


Best thing about Houston?

The great restaurants


What drew you to your current role / ministry?

Our FPC families


What do you enjoy most about being on staff at FPC?

Helping to create memories for our families


Most memorable FPC moment?

Ringing in 1998 with the youth group on a ski trip over NYE.


Favorite workday lunch spot?

Cafe Leonelli


What year did you start working at FPC?



What is your go-to Chick-Fil-A order?

Spicy Chicken Sandwich


If you could have dinner with anyone (past, present, or future) who would it be and why?

Matthew McConaughey– I think it would be a fascinating and hilarious lunch!


Who is your favorite author?



What is something God has been teaching you lately?

Jesus took time away to be with the Father, you should too.


What music are you listening to right now?

My spotify has a little bit of everything!


What is your favorite TV show or movie?

The Office or 30 Rock


What is one of the most memorable experiences of your life?

My time spent on Table Rock Lake during my Kanakuk summers


What inspires you?



What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough