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A Liturgy for Slow Internet

O Sovereign God over all creation, 

Limitless and vast 

Personal and present:

You spoke and the heavens sprung into being,

You breathed the Word and one hundred billion stars were born,

You are 

  majestic in Your magnitude,

  powerful in Your personhood.


As our frustration rises 

over the painful plodding of pixels and packets and bytes 

over limited Internet bandwidths that limp along,

Remind us that You are a God who walked dusty paths 

At three miles an hour,

Present to the needs around You,

Participating in the redemption of creation

One footstep at a time.


Remind us, O God of all creation, that 

       we are Your people, made in Your image,

      we are Your people, made to follow You,

       we are Your people, made to live at a pace of life 

that echoes the cadence and care of Yours.

In this forced slowness,

Remind us that we are finite and limited creatures

With boundaries and bandwidths of our own.


We cannot do it all,

For You alone are God

And we are not.

But we can do something. 

Help us to be faithful in the small, slow things, 

And trust You to multiply the works of our hands and hearts.


For You alone are God.

We are Your people.

And though we know only in part,

We know that You are God, and we are not.