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A Plainly Spoken Liturgy After Checking the News

Father, Son, and Spirit,


The news just broke, this just in:

Another test, another case, another human death to face.


I want to wait, to feel not fear, on edge,

But simple sympathy and pain with those teetering on life’s ledge.


But then another wave of breaking news comes by

And I am tossed frenetically to face another line


Filled with words that stoke angst more

Words like “sky-rocket,” verbs like “soar.”


Instead of that, O Lord

I’d like to hear straightforward truth.

I’d like to go about my day aware, concerned, but not possessed.

I’d like to hear some good news too.

I’d like to know what I can do to help and aid and simply bless.


So, come, O Christ, give us your news:

Publish peace, announce the end, 

“break in”, “go live” with words that mend. Amen.