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Rediscovering Church

Personal Reflection Guides

Below you will find personal reflection guides for each week of our sermon series through Ephesians. These Reflection Guides dive deeper into the book of Ephesians five days a week, through a series of questions and practices of prayer.

These guides do not necessarily follow the sermon nor are they meant to take place of the Small Group Study Guides. Instead, they are meant to give people a place for personal study and growth during the week.

Ephesians Overview

These Ephesians Overview Reflection Guides will give you introductory information about the book of Ephesians if you want to circle back for the big picture.

Prayer & Revelation

Week 1

Who You Were

Week 2

Who You Are

Week 3

Who We Are

Week 4

Our Mission

Week 5

Walking In A New Life

Week 6

Walking In Love

Week 7

Walking In The Spirit

Week 8

Standing Firm In The Real War

Week 9