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Commit to Give

In an effort to better align our pledge cycle with the way most givers plan their donations, we will now ask that the FPC community pledge for a calendar year (January to December). With this change in the giving calendar, we will also move our annual pledge campaign to the fall.

As we make this transition, we will be left with six months not covered by a pledge campaign. To bridge the gap, we are asking the FPC Community to Commit to Give via an interim pledge covering July through December. 

If you have already pledged, we simply ask that you extend your rate of giving for the remainder of the year. For those who did not specify their annual giving this year, we ask that you prayerfully make a commitment now to give through December.

We are blessed to be a part of a congregation that expresses their support of the mission and vision of FPC through their giving. Thank you for your faithfulness. We pray you will also assist us as we make this transition to a more member-friendly giving calendar by participating in our interim Commit to Give campaign.

Commit to give Form