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Restoring Justice


P.O. Box 2813
Houston, TX 77252

Ending mass incarceration, one client and heart at a time. We provide holistic defense and social services for the marginalized in our community.

Become an Adelphoi Volunteer

Adelphoi Volunteers engage in the work of reforming our criminal justice system by developing restorative and supportive relationships with Restoring Justice’s clients. “Adelphoi” is Greek for brother or sister, and volunteers enact this familial loving attitude by merely being proximate with our clients – through visits and presence throughout the legal process and potentially beyond. Our vision is a redeemed criminal justice system that respects and upholds every human’s dignity and constitutional rights. The Adelphoi Volunteer is at the heart of that mission. Register here.

Become an Ambassador

Having honest conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors is integral to this movement for change. Join us in building community and advocating for disproportionately criminalized populations in Harris County and across the country. Restoring Justice Ambassadors will utilize educational resources to facilitate conversations, and all participants will emerge with ways to take action toward ending mass incarceration. Let’s get started.

YOuth for Justice

Youth for Justice is the youth engagement branch of Restoring Justice that raises awareness of the injustices within the criminal justice system and educates the next generation about restorative justice, holistic reconciliation, systemic racism, and mass incarceration. We seek to change the world in the spirit of justice and peace. Start your chapter.