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Celeste Lanier
Director of Communications & Media


More About Celeste Lanier...

Describe your job in 10 words or fewer.

Using Communications & Media strategies and tools to facilitate the vision of FPC.

What’s one of your favorite scriptures?

Jeremiah 1:5

What is your hidden talent or fun fact about you?

Love to play volleyball

What is the best thing about Houston?

Great food!

What drew you to your current role/ministry?

It fulfilled a long-awaited hope of using my professional skills to serve God.

What do you enjoy most about being on staff at FPC?

The people!

Favorite workday lunch spot?

Just one? Fadi’s, Picnic, and the Taco Truck at the MFAH every Thursday

What year did you start working at FPC?


What is one of the most memorable experiences of your life?

Having children. Both times God showed up in a miraculous way…

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Baskin Robbin’s Gold Medal Ribbon