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KDO program

KDO uses Frog Street Press curriculum that encompasses the four domains of child development: Social-Emotional, Language, Cognitive, and Physical. It incorporates art, music, science, math, literacy, sensory play, gross motor play, and dramatic play. 

Additionally, our program includes faith development through Bible stories, memory verses, and chapel.

Experiencing god's love

Children ages two years and up attend weekly chapel that allows them to experience God’s love through Bible stories in a sacred setting.

early literacy

Literacy is most often associated with the ability to read and write. Well before that can happen, children have to be immersed in language-rich environments at home and at school. 

KDO partners with parents during the foundational years by providing vocabulary-rich classrooms through story time, circle time, music enrichment, teacher-to-child interactions, and child-to-child interactions.

Developmentally appropriate skills will be taught to students at KDO that prepare them to write through art, hand strengthening activities, and fine motor activities. When students are ready, they will learn beginning strokes and practice tracing until they are ready to form letters on paper.

Summer camps

Children enjoy special art activities, explore the outdoors, literature, science, sensory, crafts, and cooking at KDO Summer Camp. They see the greatness of God in his daily work with exciting outdoor fun and special events. Classes are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 AM–2:30 PM for ages four months to Pre-K.

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