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Project Flourish


How Do I apply?

Click the “Apply” button on the navigation bar above to fill out the application.

Do I need to be an organization or incorporated entity to apply?

No. The challenge is open to individuals or teams—anyone with a new, innovative, “gospel-minded” idea for renewal.

What does "gospel-minded" mean?

A gospel-minded idea has four major characteristics:

  • Holistic in conception and design
  • Meaningful in approach and execution
  • Lasting in effect and outcomes
  • Empathetic in context and character

Applicants may be asked to describe how their idea carries and embodies the gospel of Jesus Christ to Houston and the world.

Who decides on winners and the awarding of funding?

A group of six judges made up of members from the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Houston.

What are the criteria for a successful application?

Initial applications through the screening process will be reviewed and evaluated on the following: feasibility, understanding of the underlying problem the applicant seeks to fix, and innovation. 

After making it through the initial screening process, our panel of judges will be looking for pitches that demonstrate a clear problem understanding, a thoughtful theory of change, and an explicit commitment to innovation – solving a problem in a new way.

Pitches will be technically evaluated according to the following categories:

  • Degree of overall innovation
  • Degree of overall social impact
  • gospel-minded Inspiration
  • Personal capacity of individual and team
  • Learning/problem understanding
  • Time to scalable growth
  • Clear articulation of obstacles and risks
  • Funding model and sustainability plan
  • Degree of personal Commitment

How much money is available?

The total award pool is $250,000. Any amount may be awarded from that total. Not all finalists will receive funding.

How many different ideas can I submit?

You may submit as many ideas and proposals as you would like. Note: more submissions will not improve chances for selection.

How soon will I hear the decision on my application?

You will hear back from us with news on whether your application is selected to participate in the Navigation process by December 9, 2022.

If my proposal is not accepted, will I know why?

We expect to receive a large volume of applications and are unable to comment on each one. We will be unable to share the exact reasons for the declination of your project.

What are the intellectual property terms of the Project Flourish Initiative?

You will own your intellectual property.

What types of applications don't you accept?

While we accept many types of applications, we do not look for academic projects, research initiatives, or project proposals from long-standing organizations looking for new funding. We will consider funding a new project for a long-standing entity. Preference will be given to innovative projects.

Is there anything that Project Flourish cannot fund?

First Presbyterian Church of Houston will support all selected projects excluding activities prohibited by law.

What is involved/required for the labs?

These labs are required lunchtime sessions which will include fellowship and community development with other accepted entrepreneurs, and we will be using content developed by Praxis Labs to discuss key topics related to Christian entrepreneurship. The labs are very low-key and informal, but good opportunities to network and learn from each other.

During Pitch Day, will we only be pitching once?

Yes! You will have a 10-minute pitch with 10 minutes of Q&A from the judges. We will develop a schedule and work with all applicants to determine the most convenient time that works for them, but you can expect it to be during the day on March 25, 2023.

Who are the previous award winners?

You can view previous winners here.

What if my question is not answered in the FAQ?

Please submit additional questions to

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